PSBN Frequently Asked Questions

SME Pool single and most important aim is to help PSBN International members raise fund to start/run their businesses successfully.
You need a once out of pocket membership fee of ₦3,000 (Three Thousand Naira only) to be subscribe in the SME Pool.
Every registered member placed in the SME Pool is expected to refer and sponsor only 3 new members. However you can continue to refer more people which the system will continue to place in your network as spillover. You can also refer and hand over to members you want to assist to complete their 3 direct sponsors within your network.
The system can and will assign new members who are registering through the organization links and adverts to members randomly to sponsor helping members to raise money and step up, but your members Rewards will not be activated without you directly referring 3 new members through your link. Members who benefit from this and fail to refer directly 3 new members through their link will have limitations in their step 3, 4 and 5.
Every registered and paid member of PSBN International, must be up to 20 years of age and above.
It is a serious crime against our policy to have more than one account to yourself. Every member is permitted to create/run only one account. Violation of this will result in the termination of membership and account deleted.
You will simply defeat the very aim of being placed here and you will miss the membership benefits of PSBN International.
You have a responsibility to fulfill your part by sponsoring 3 new members, the fee is affordable. Also, you must encourage your referrals to do the same thing you did by sponsoring their 3. The system will do the rest. You can be sure of leveraging the growth of the SME Pool.
It is the system that assigns you sponsor. Its okay so long as you registered with his/her link. You are still in your referrer’s network. Its possible you are assigned as a spillover.
As a registered member, you are advised to always visit the website to see upcoming programs/events. Also check your e-mail regularly.